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Welcome to the Attic

**I’ll be updating my site and moving it to a new format soon.  The site layout I selected isn’t being supported for phone browsing.  The content is there, but formatting may be a bit off sometimes.  I’m sorry for any annoyance!**

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Like many artists and crafters, I’ve been “making things” as far back as I can remember.  For my earliest creations, I secretly cut dress-shapes out of my own clothes and crudely sewed them onto my dolls.  Kind aunts gave me art supplies for Christmas each year and there was nothing so thrilling as a big, blank tablet and the smell of a fresh box of oil pastels.  Later, I studied art at university with an emphasis on weaving.  In the following years, I worked in an office and continued to look for opportunities to make things, take classes, and get inspiration from other artists.

I still love to weave, paint, make prints, sculpt, and work with glass.  Recently, I’ve embraced my life-long love of dolls.  Dolls provide me a unique opportunity to combine many crafts.  And you can play with them — what could be better?  I’ve found that they are the perfect vehicle to combine almost every medium that I love:  fabric, yarn, paint, fashion, clay, photography…  I’ve often managed to even incorporate metal and glass into my doll fashions.  The most wonderful thing about my dolls is that they don’t just languish on a shelf–you must touch!

I love being sequestered in my cluttered attic studio–when things are going well, time just stands still.  Thanks to the support of my patient husband, my dream-studio has become a reality, and being the “mad wife in the attic” is now a good thing.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing my work.  I welcome your comments.  If you would like to receive messages when I have new Blog Posts, please click “Follow Blog” in the menu bar at the right. 

♥Robbin Atwell
Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA

20 thoughts on “Welcome to the Attic

  1. heyo from flickr! (jenny here :P) saw your doll thats you’re working on. she’s so cool 🙂 cant wait to see more of her 🙂

  2. You Rock!! Rockin’ Robbin!! Love this!!

  3. Some folks are jacks of all trades, and masters of none. You, my dear, are a jack of all trades, master of ALL! Everything you touch is golden. So blessed to have you as a friend. You are an inspiring person. Love you! xo Laurie

  4. Teena B-R on said:

    Congrats on your site! Your work is beautiful and inspiring! 😀

  5. Your website is wonderful – you are a multi-talented wonderful person.

  6. There is SO much on your site that casts a spell for a closer look and attention. Just for starters…your artist statement is warm, knowledgeable, and accessible. Lovely! Now off to peruse further…

  7. Thank you for showing your work. I can not write English very well. I do not know how I can write my feelings. I am very happy to see your doll and their clothes. Everything moved my heart. Thank you.

  8. Roni Williams on said:

    Love your doll work, I’m learning to do face ups and trying to learn wigs! I also live in PA, looking forward to learning more from you!

  9. Hi Robbin it was really nice to meet you at Jacqueline’s today! I looked through your site with wonder! You are very talented. The wigs are incredible and I was struck by how modern your dolls are. Fabulous and creative work! You could have been a surgeon with all that attention to detail and working on such small scales. Bravo!

  10. tkarengold on said:

    Robin: It was a pleasure seeing you yesterday and viewing (and touching) your exquisite work. I knew you were talented but I didn’t realize how very much so.

  11. You are amazingly talented!

  12. SoniAlice on said:

    Découvert par hasard sur le blog d’une amie, je suis émerveillée par « madwifeintheattic ». Merci de toutes ces belles choses

    • Vous êtes trop gentil! Je vais sourire toute la journée 🙂

    • Chiffonfon on said:

      not speaking the same language and going through the friend Google translation is difficult. I never told you but I have loved your universe for a very long time. thank you for your wonders and all your excellent advice for customizing our dear BJD. I play too much with my dolls and following numerous accidents, I understood that even without any particular talent, I had to paint the faces myself, because I could not pay an artist face up for the same doll every 6 months ;-). MERCI

      • If there is ever a topic you would like me write about or any questions I can answer, please let me know. I am always hoping to discuss things that are interesting for my doll and art friends.

  13. I was looking for a free dress pattern for a 16 inch fashion doll Sebino …Wanting to surprize a friend with her doll I fixed ,but she has no clothes.

  14. Love to own a Zuni 😘😘

  15. Cynthia Fallon on said:

    I believe I met you at theMetrodolls banquet. I would love to see what you’re working on!

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