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New Face: Ante

This is a Littlefee “Ante” made by Fairyland doll company of Korea. I painted another Fairyland Littlefee earlier this year—you can learn more about these beautiful, versatile little dolls in that post: Littlefee Leah

Ante is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE dolls, but this is the first one I have painted. Her face is just so sweet.

Just for fun, here is a picture of my Ante with a default faceup done by the Fairyland artists:

robbins default (2)

I love this default face, but, I wanted to demonstrate why it’s so fun to have an artist painted face. Even though this face is lovely, most of the Ante girls look just like this. It’s part of the magic of ball-jointed-dolls to have a one-of-a-kind doll that’s painted to your ideal.

And here is Ante, Blank & Painted:

I took pictures of her in 4 wigs and I think she looked great in all of them.

*Ante is wearing a halter dress made by Monica Cooper.  She crochets and knits for little dolls.

Lips and eyes:

Tip with webPeople often ask me if I can change one feature of a faceup, but keep everything else: change the eyebrows, repaint a damaged area, lighten the lips, etc. Unfortunately, that’s rarely possible. Faces are painted in layers so I can’t remove and repaint an isolated part. It’s sometimes possible to add something on top of the existing faceup (add freckles, darken the blush, or gloss to the lips) but generally impossible to remove anything. This particular girl’s old faceup was unnaturally dark—much darker than her body. Otherwise, her features were painted very nicely. But it would have been impossible to lighten the face. So, time for a whole new face!

“Nite-nite” from Ante and her best pal Leah 😊

Ante and Leah


There are many more pictures of Ante (and Leah too) on my Flickr site:

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