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New Face: Fairyland MiniFee “Rendia”

I was commissioned by a friend to repaint her Rendia. I have a few MiniFees in my collection and I love them, so I was very happy to get to paint Rendia.

Rendia is a MiniFee in normal tone resin. She is MSD size (about 16″ tall) and is considered a mature mini, or slim mini.

Their highly articulated bodies with many design options and their interchangeable face plates make Fairyland MiniFees infinitely customizable and highly desired. There are dozens of face options in the MiniFee line. Rendia is particularly beautiful.

Rendia had a factory faceup that was very skillfully done, but she wasn’t the personality her owner wanted. I was asked to give her a fresh and youthful look.

Fairyland dolls can be purchased directly from Fairyland in Korea or from Denver Doll Emporium in the US. There are other legitimate sellers, but I’ve personally had good experiences with Fairyland and DDE.

Because of their popularity, Fairyland dolls have been widely recast by unscrupulous people. Be careful when shopping because many of the sellers use Fairyland’s official photos and descriptions. It is difficult for new collectors to discern the legitimate sites.  

Tip with web

I especially enjoy painting lips and Rendia has a beautifully sculpted mouth. When painting lips, I like to use several colors to give the lips realistic texture and shape. I use pastels, acrylic paint, and watercolor pencils. If the color strays beyond the lip edges, a soft pencil eraser or a clean makeup sponge are great for gently defining and cleaning your edges.

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