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New Face: Doll-In-Mind “Miru”

This is an MSD (about 17″ tall) doll and she was made by Doll-In-Mind of Korea.  The sculpt is called “Miru.” The Doll-In-Mind company opened in 2005 and they were known for distictive sculpts with large eyes and beautifully sculpted lips. The last message posted to their website says they intended to cease business at the end of April 2019. Another beloved company called it quits.

The site is still active, so you can browse their old sculpts and look for them on the secondary market if anything touches your heart. Visit the Doll-In-Mind site

I painted this girl for a good friend.

I always love the way the Doll-In-Mind artists sculpted lips:

Tip with webMany great doll companies are struggling and going out of business due to recasters. Even if a particular company’s sculpts aren’t being recast, they’re still being pushed out of the market by competition from cheap recast dolls. Don’t be tempted by recast dolls.  My friend was able to buy this totally legit doll for under $100. With a custom faceup, her personality shines. We all want the newest thing, but don’t overlook the older beauties!


There are many more pictures of Miru on my Flickr site:

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