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Below are images of my doll faceups on Asian ball-jointed dolls, beginning with the first doll at the bottom and progressing to the most current. I enjoy seeing how they have evolved with time.

Asian Ball Jointed Dolls, or BJDs, are dolls sculpted by Asian artists that are cast in urethane resin and then sold to be finished and customized by other artists. As they have become popular worldwide, there are now artists all over the world who are sculpting and marketing fabulous dolls. If you would like to learn more about ball jointed dolls, there is an excellent overview on Wikipedia

I am not accepting new faceup commissions at this time. My calendar is full for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your interest in my work.

Faceup Shop Status: Closed

54 Fairyland Littlefee “Ante” (Commission)

53 Doll-In-Mind “Miru” (Commission)

52 Dollstown “Ganga” (My Doll)

51 Customhouse Ange AI “Uri” (Commission)

50 Fairyland Littlefee “Leah” (Commission)

49 Fairyland “Halloween Event Faceplate” (Commission)

48 Phyn & Aero “Annora Monet” (Commission)

47 Phyn & Aero “Annora Monet” (Commission)

46 Doll In Mind “Bellose” (Commission)

45 SoulDoll Yewon (Donation)


44 Doll Chateau Erica (Commission)

43 Kaye Wiggs’ Izzy (Commission)

42 Dollstown Deogi MSD (Commission)

40 & 41 Doll-In-Mind SD Lalia Twins. Doll on left is mine, doll on right is a commission.

39 Dollmore Zaoll Luv, 52 centimeter, Normal Resin (my doll)

38 AIL (Alice in Labyrinth) Alice SD (Commission)

37 Narae by Narin Dolls MSD (Commission)

36 IMDA Dreaming Modigli, Normal Resin, 30.5 cm (my doll)

35 Iplehouse JID “Asa” in Special Real resin. (My Doll)

34 Fairyland Real Puki SoSo — the tiniest doll I’ve painted!! (Commission)

33 Doll Chateau Bella MSD (Commission)

32 Doll-in-Mind Larina MSD (Commission)

31 Alice-in-Labyrinth Chloe SD (Commission)

30 Volks Yuki Yo-SD (Commission)

29 Angel-of-Dream Zi Yuan SD (Commission)

28 Lierre by JakzJewelz MSD (Commission)

27 Lierre by JakzJewelz MSD (Commission)

26 Doll-in-Mind Laia MSD (Commission)

25 Alice-in-Labyrinth Chloe SD (Commission)

24 Volks FCS F01 Sculpt (Commission)

23 Dollstown Seola MSD (My Doll)

22 Dollinian Acacia SD (Commission)

21 Alice-In-Labyrinth Chloe SD (My doll)

20 Iplehouse Ashanti SID (My doll)

19 Volks Nono SD (Commission)

18 Doll Chateau Bella MSD (Commission)

17 Dollstown Hannah MSD (Commission)

16 Volks Liz SD (Commission)

15 Fairyland PukiPuki Special Bear Parts (Commission)

14 Customhouse Petite AI Yuriel (Sold)

13 Supia Yisol MSD (My Doll)

12 Fairyland Pukifee Sleeping Shiwoo (Commission)

11 Pukifee Sleeping Bonnie (Commission)

10 Fairyland Littlefee Sleeping Bisou (Commission)

9 Iplehouse Asa MSD (Commission)

8 Fairyland Littlefee Leah with Enhancements (Commission)

7 Dollzone Ani (Commission)

6 Fairyland PukiFee Bonnie (Commission)

5 Bisou AI Pepe by Customhouse (Charity Auction)

4 Littlefee Pipi by Fairyland (Sold)

3 Volks FCS F06 Sculpt — MSD Girl (My doll)

2 Narae 43cm by Narin Dolls (My doll)

1 Dollstown Lucille SD (My doll)


6 thoughts on “Faces

  1. It’s amazing how many of those faceups are on MY Dolls! Love everyone of them, too. You are so freaking talented.

  2. so when can i get you to repaint my kloey xD loves your work and you’re not a million miles away~~

  3. Most gorgeous dolls ever.

  4. So pleased to see my Belle and Larina here – you made them so special 🙂

  5. Very beautiful.

  6. Michele on said:

    Fabulously beautiful! Great work!!!

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