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I design and make all my doll fashions by hand. Most are one-of-a-kind but I sometimes make several versions of a design. Those are very small editions because I’m always eager to move on to the next project.

I always use fine fabrics and heirloom sewing methods — I want my doll fashions to be intricate but sturdy, and to age beautifully.

I sell my doll fashions in my Etsy shop and sometimes on eBay. I am occasionally able to accept commissions. Refer to my “Sales” page for links to items that are currently available. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a commission.

Most of my fashions are made for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. They are dolls sculpted by Asian artists that are cast in urethane resin and then sold to be finished and customized by other artists. They have become popular worldwide, so there are now artists all over the world who are sculpting and marketing fabulous dolls. If you would like to learn more about ball jointed dolls, there is an excellent overview on Wikipedia

Fashions designated as “SD – 1/3” are for dolls that are about 60 centimeters or 24 inches tall, “MSD – 1/4” are for dolls that are about 45 centimeters or 17 inches tall, and the “Petite – Tiny – 1/6 ” fashions are for smaller dolls that range from 12″ to 4″ tall.

Click on any photo for more pictures of that fashion.

”Infinite Pursuit of Beauty” (16″ Fashion Doll)

This fashion is inspired by the theatrical, highly ornamented fashions of designer, Guo Pei.  The distinctive skirt is painted copper.  This outfit was made for a charity auction hosted by MetroDolls in 2019.

Antoinette in “Overwrought” (16″ Fashion Doll)


This outfit was inspired by a trip to Savannah, Georgia. The corset mimics wrought iron, the short skirt has a Southern Belle style cage and an over skirt made of antique lace. It has tall leather gloves and also short black boots with chains and a lock. This outfit was donated to the MetroDolls 2013 charity auction benefitting hunger relief.

Lucille in Birdcage Crinoline (SD – 1/3)

I made this outfit for a Steampunk themed party. The skirt is a birdcage that I made to fit the doll. Her corset is made from copper. Her hat is the top of the cage.

Heartbreak Bride (MSD 1/4)

The jacket is made of kid leather, her skirt is silk, and her hat is felt. She carries a smiling mask that I made from clay. I hoped to make people wonder what her story might be — this sad-faced bride with her smiling mask…

Real Alice (SD – 1/3)

I found an image of Alice Pleasance Liddell, the real child who was the inspiration for “Alice in Wonderland.” She was enchanting and I wanted to recreate her look for my doll. The dress is Swiss batiste and the trim is hand painted silk ribbon.

haRMony Debut (MSD – 1/4)

I collaborated with my friend Monica Cooper on this design. I made the dress and hat and Monica made the beautifully detailed sweater. Notice the lace detail on the sleeve and her tiny stitches. The dress and hat are silk and silk velvet.

Perky Pleated Mini (SD – 1/3)

This cotton fabric inspired this mini dress. It is such a light-hearted print.

Jett & Pearl (SD – 1/3)

I found this lovely polyester chiffon with a black embroidered border and designed this outfit with a crocheted top. I can’t crochet, so I commissioned Auguste Tiefenbach to crochet the tops for me. I hand stitched a lining into them of black 4-way stretch cotton and added pearl accents. It fastens to the skirt with several hooks so it can be worn with the skirt or separately.

Mistress Marianne (SD – 1/3)

This outfit was commissioned to show off a fabulous pair of boots. The jacket is vintage silk and it is accented with beading and deconstructed jewelry.

Gothic Romance (SD 1/3)

The corset is mosaic glass. The flowers were cut from old tea cups. The glass was ground and applied to a structure of cotton, felt, velvet and leather to make the corset. The lace overlay on the skirt is a silk blend from France. The lace overlay on the blouse is vintage. The underdress is silk.

Bloom (Tiny – 1/6)

This dress is a flower in full bloom. The bodice is silk velvet and her skirt is made of petals and netting. The glass beads under her skirt are the stamens.

Flower Fairy (Tiny – 1/6)

A flower fairy with silk velvet top and petals for her skirt. Her wings are copper with Swarovski crystals.

Halloween Queen (MSD – 1/4)

Just for Halloween, a grand pumpkin skirt. The outfit also has an alternate net skirt.

Leather & Lace Halter (MSD – 1/4)

Soft leather halter with vintage lace.

Petite Posies (Tiny – 1/6)

This cotton fabric inspired this sweet dress with lollipop flowers on the skirt.

Sunsuit in Yellow (Tiny – 1/6)

Sweet cotton sunsuit with vintage ric-rac.

Spring Meadow Pinafore for Sasha

Pinafore made of green silk and decorated with machine stitching and cute buttons. The basic pinafore shape is from a pattern designed by Ted Menten

Thumper Jumper for Sasha

Jumper made of soft wool felt. It is all hand edge-stitched but that detail is difficult to see. The basic pinafore shape is from a pattern designed by Ted Menten


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  1. Your fashions are so exquisite and outstanding. You deserve to be dressing movie stars for the Academy Awards.

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