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Infinite Pursuit of Beauty

I haven’t shared any projects for a while. I was browsing my photos and realized I never posted this doll customization. I’m stepping away from Covid news today, and revisiting a fun project from last year.

I love the extravagantly ornate runway fashions of Guo Pei, so I customized this doll in her lavish style–inspired by her bell-shaped gown in her Spring 2018 collection.

The Inspiration:


Link to Elysium Spring 2018 show: Guo Pei’s Spring 2018 Show

In an interview, Guo Pei explained her devotion to extravagant embellishment saying, “I want to express an infinite pursuit of beauty.” How perfect…

I named this doll project “Infinite Pursuit of Beauty.”

The underlying doll is a French resin 16″ fashion BJD, made in Korea by Jigamaree in 2006/07. They sold her under the name “Hana” and “Dae Jang Geum.” She was sold with a beautiful wardrobe, but I bought her nude and unpainted. Her delicate, realistic sculpting is wonderful.


I started by painting her face and blushing her body.
GPIMG_9491 (2)resized

I fabricated her skirt from copper mesh and decorated it with jewelry, lace, and crystals.

It is worn over a body suit (also decorated with elements like the skirt) and a leather corset with attached slip.

Her wig is adorned with a fan and a spray of beads and rods (inspired by fireworks).

Her shoes are commercially made but I ornamented them with flowers and crystals to match her skirt.

Finally, I made a beautiful custom box to transport her in safely. The skirt is large and doesn’t fit into her original box.
GPzIMG_9691 (2) resized

The outfit can be removed but it requires removing the head and unstringing the torso. It’s an advantage of strung dolls — but still tedious.

Tip with webBe sure to sign your work. I have purchased several dolls 2nd hand with beautiful face paint or great outfits, but no signature or tags. I’d love to know who the artists/designers are. I glue a small tag in the head cap of all the faces I paint and I made a custom stand for this doll. I even worked my initials into the design of the back of the skirt. So, sign your work!

Underside of stand:

Back of skirt:

I made this doll special for a fundraiser being hosted by MetroDolls Doll Club. Every other year, the club brings artists and fashion doll collectors together for a luncheon with a vintage fashion display, vendors, and a charity sale of art dolls donated by artists and collectors. They choose a different charity for each event and raise $10 – $25,000. It’s loads of work for the club, but a wonderful event. This doll found a new home with a generous collector at the event in November, 2019 in Redbank, NJ. For more information about MetroDolls and to shop their exclusive dolls and accessories: MetroDolls Sales and Projects

In my next post, I’ll share the process of painting and dressing her. Until then, here are more pictures of the finished doll.

There are many more pictures of this doll project on my Flickr site:

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