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New Face: Customhouse “Uri”

This doll is Customhouse Ange AI “Uri.” Uri is a 10″ tall, resin ball-jointed doll made by Customhouse. Customhouse was once a very popular company. They are no longer in business, but some of their nicest sculpts are still available from Luts (

This doll is several years old and has minor yellowing. Cleaning and painting eliminates much of the yellowing and makes her look very fresh.

I painted her as a gift for a new collector. I would like to encourage new collectors to seek out older dolls like this one that are available for bargain prices, rather than being tempted to buy recast dolls.

I tried out the sealant, ‘Citadel Purity Seal’ on this doll. It’s a nice product and more affordable than VOLKS Zoukeimura sealant or Mister Super Clear. I like it but it’s very “toothy.” The surface seems very durable. I think it is a better choice for body blushing rather than faces.

For fun, here are some extreme closeups:

Tip with web
Sealants must be sprayed outdoors (or in extremely well-ventilated areas) and users must wear protective respirators. Select a respirator that filters vapors and make sure it fits well. If you can smell it, it’s in your lungs. This is a picture of the sealant I used on this doll – notice that the entire can is covered in safety warnings. IMG_7909 (002)

Practice Safe Art!


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