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New Face: Dollstown “Ganga”

This doll is made by Dollstown in Korea and the sculpt is called “Ganga.” She is one of their older sculpts and will soon be discontinuted. You can purchase her at a discount for a limited time. Visit  This doll is in “Freshskin” colored resin and she’s on their 7 Year Girl body. I painted this doll for myself — which is really fun.

Dollstown is my favorite BJD company. Their design style really appeals to my personal aesthetic. They have 2 sculptors: Jonghak An and Torre.

I invite you to read their page about the beauty and value of handcrafted dolls: Why Original Handcrafted Dolls?

They do not consider computer designed dolls to be true handcrafted art dolls. I find that I agree–the computer generated dolls are perfectly symmetrical (which can be pretty great when I’m painting a face), but I’m very aware of the human hand that sculpted the Dollstown dolls — this is what makes these dolls true art rather than a mass produced ornament.

For fun, here are some extreme closeups–remember that in real life, this is a tiny little face:

Tip with web
When I set up to photograph my dolls, I use 4 light sources.  I postition them to shine on my doll from all around her.  But too much light, washes her out and makes her seem lifeless, even though the details may be clear.  For drama, I experiment with turning off one or two lights and aiming them in other directions for interesting shadows.

There are many more pictures of Ganga on my Flickr site:

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