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New Face: Fairyland Littlefee “Leah”

I was recently commissioned by a friend named Leah, to paint her Littlefee Leah. The adorable face sculpt and the name Leah, made her irresistible for my friend, and it was an honor for me to paint her.

These dolls have a faceplate system so the face is like a mask that fastens onto the neck and head-back.  This makes the faces interchangeable so your can use multiple faces with one body (which is fun and addictive).   

Human Leah often wears her long dark hair in braids, so I really like the doll in this wig.

I think she also looks great as a redhead — especially with these green eyes.

Human “Leah” let me paint her however I wanted except for one thing… she wanted resin “Leah” to have a distinctive little cluster of moles like her owner. Little touches like this make these dolls fun and unique.

Tip with web
When painting a face or commissioning an artist faceup, it’s fun to have something subtle (or flashy) that will make your doll a little different:  freckles, beautymarks, a little dash of color, a tatoo, expressive brows or lips…  This doll has a splash of moles at her jawline that mirror her owner.  

For fun, here are some extreme closeups:

Some background:  For anyone unfamiliar with these dolls, the Littlefee line are 10″ dolls with wonderfully engineered joints. They have removable face plates and you have a choice of dozens of face sculpts.  Fairyland introduced Leah in December of 2009 as a special limited edition fullset. Leah was dressed as a “Sugarplum Fairy” in a beautiful white ballerina costume. Since then, she has remained a popular sculpt and is still available as a nude, blank doll or with a standard Fairyland face paint.  They can be ordered during periodic ordering periods, directly from Fairyland in Korea or from Denver Doll Emporium in the US. Denver Doll offers exceptional customer service. These dolls cost around $300. Be wary of recasts on eBay. Fairyland’s dolls are very popular so the counterfeit market is a huge problem. Buy new from Fairyland or an authorized dealer, or do a little homework and find collectors selling legitimate used dolls.

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