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Making Felicity — the Head

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I took pictures throughout the “Felicity” project. In the previous post, I shared some of the body construction.  In this one, you’ll see the head sculpt evolve, and the next post will cover the clothing.

Felicity has inset glass eyes, so her head needs to be hollow. I started with a Styrofoam ball and covered it with LaDoll clay.

A face is roughed in.  I let the clay dry, and then build on this.

Measure and mark up needed changes right on the face.

Make openings in the scalp so that it holds pigtails.

Glue cloth to face.

Attach ears.

Attach hair to scalp sections.

Gesso and sand the face.

Paint the face and body.

Install the eyes by filling the spaces around them with clay.

Finish gluing on hair.

“Antique” her with brown paints.

I’ll share some pictures of her clothing construction in the next post.

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