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But She’s a Nice Vampire!


“Bellose” is a discontinued sculpt by the company, Doll In Mind ( DIM is known for slightly quirky, lovely sculpts with great lips.

Bellose has elf ears and little fangs.  She’s so sweet though, I’m sure she just uses those fangs for eating luscious fruits. As I worked on her, I visualized her emerging from a fairytale wood, and entering the human world–keeping her actual identity a secret. Maybe she fell in love with a mortal, or maybe she was kicked out of the garden for misbehaving. Both are familiar tales!

Bellose needed some modifications–a common problem for the older DIM sculpts. I performed a major neck modification on my Lalia a while back, and Bellose got the same treatment.

You can see my full tutorial showing how I did this modification to my personal doll here: *How to modify a DIM SD girl’s neck*

Once that tedious stuff was taken care of, she got her faceup.  Bonnie planned for her to wear a dramatic black wig, but she looked good in just about everything.

Dolls often have their own plans and Bellose surprised everyone, deciding to be a platinum blonde. In this photo she has really found her look. This fantastic photo was taken by Bonnie, her talented owner who made her gown:
IMG_2787 (002)

Tip with webWhen painting fangs, remove all color with each paint stage before spraying, then buff away the sealant each time. At the very last stage, apply a light coat of almond colored paint.  You can shade with pastels for some depth, then seal when you spray with the final coat of sealant. You want to keep the teeth from getting texture from layer after layer of paint and sealant. Keep them smooth and pearly.  Apply one coat of gloss to finish.

Gotta finish with a Dracula quote:
Listen to them — children of the night. What music they make.

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One thought on “But She’s a Nice Vampire!

  1. Wow! You just continue to amaze me. Her fangs look so real.

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