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Cool Tool Tip #1

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Spraying sealant can be fraught with peril! Here are some tools that can help you get a good result by helping you eliminate lint and get an even coating.

Tip with webJust before spraying, I whisk the face gently with a soft fan shaped paint brush.  The light touch gets rid of tiny fibers and doesn’t mess up my pastels.  I follow with a quick blast from a can of compressed air.  Don’t get the can too close though!!!!  You’ll get a spot of ice on the surface.

I use a cheap lazy-susan to spin the head as I spray.  This has really helped me get an even coating.  Many people just hold the head at arm’s length.  I can see what I’m doing much better with the lazy-susan.  I also use little bathroom sized Dixie cups to hold the heads.  Squish them a little and push them inside the head cavity.  You can reuse the cup until it falls apart.

And always wear a respirator when spraying — even outdoors!!  Hey, it gives the neighbors something to talk about.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Tool Tip #1

  1. Good tip! I’ll use this once I try taking a stab…I mean… swipe at doing face-ups!

  2. PeachPod on said:

    Good tips! I love canned air, it has soooo many uses!

  3. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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