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Today is “Support BJD Artists” Day


Today is “Support BJD Artists” day.

Art dolls are routinely recasted by unscrupulous enterprises and sold more cheaply than the legitimate artist’s dolls. A recasting business buys a doll and uses it to make a mold, then they make copies of the doll.  With no time or effort invested in creating and promoting the doll, they can make a large profit even when selling the doll at a lower price.  They often will even use the original artist’s photos to market their copies, so it can be easy for people to be fooled into buying a fake doll.  This practice is illegal but they’ve become prevalent in the market. It is a crushing blow to artists and robs them of their livelihood. It undermines the secondary market and has lead many talented artists to abandon their projects.

Today, people who support the artists who sculpt the dolls we paint and dress are sharing pictures of our dolls with the statement ‪#‎ProBJDArtists‬. These are 2 doll heads that I sculpted.  I don’t know if I will ever produce these heads — like many artists, I no longer have the same level of excitement about creating BJDs and sending them out into the world due to the prevalence and acceptance of recasting.

You can see more BJD enthusiasts expressing their support of artists and opposition to recasts on Facebook this week: and here:

And on Flickr here:

It isn’t too late if you want to show your support.  Simply post a photo of your legitimate doll with the phrase #proBJDArtists.

no recast

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