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Enigmatic Erica

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This is “Erica” by Doll Chateau and she belongs to my friend, Marianne. She is a slim MSD sized girl in pink toned resin. Doll Chateau is based in China and their sculpts are among the most creative and fantastical in the doll world. I previously painted 2 Bella heads that fit the same body. Erica is a less popular sculpt than Bella but she shouldn’t be — this lovely girl is very versatile.

You can purchase Doll Chateau’s creations directly from Doll Chateau and from authorized dealer representatives such as Denver Doll Emporium, Mint on Card, Alice’s Collections, and Oobie Doll.

Erica was a great model for photos. This is my favorite picture of her — she looks so serene and contemplative in this one:

This picture is all about “attitude” — she’s incredibly bored by all the fuss.

In this one, she seems innocent and compassionate.  She reminds me of Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus”:

In this shot, she’s a bit of a Gatsby era vamp.  

Here, she is a vision in a dream:

Tip with web I don’t have enough space to store doll-sized furniture props, so when I want my dolls to sit on, or lean against something for photos, I use interesting things from around the house and from my other collections. In the photo above, Erica is sitting on a cute vintage handbag. Dolls can look great posed with a stack of tattered old books, pottery, geodes, tea cups, hat boxes, chachkies… When contemplating an addition to one of my collections, I often consider whether it can do double duty as a doll photo prop.

There is still nothing like the drama of a black and white high-contrast image:

Tip with web

Consider framing or cropping your doll images in unusual ways.  A surprising composition can make a static image more interesting.  If you really like a shot but there is an unruly strand of hair or a shadow on the cheek, try cropping off that side of the face — maybe it will be an even more interesting shot.  Set up your photo backgrounds so that you have lots of space around the subject to shoot it off-center or low in the frame.  Think about how the eye travels through a photo and try to give it an interesting path.

Erica says “That’s enough for now.”

Lots more photos on my Flickr:

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    Another lovely face-up, and this time with really interesting camera-angles and photographic advice. My thoughts on “Erica” are that she’s best seen from slightly above, as her neck seems a little long for my taste, her eyes are marvels, they seem to wrap around her face, and lastly that all my visitors should click on Robbin’s Flickr photostream, as there are a lot more really fascinating shots of Erica, and so much more.

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