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New Face: Dollmore Zoall Luv



This is Zaoll Luv in normal resin.  She is 52cm/21″ tall so she is a bit small for an SD sized doll.  She is designed by an accomplished Korean artist named Gu mi-jeong.  Her dolls are marketed by Dollmore and MyDolling.  Gu mi-jeong has a unique style in the BJD world.  I am especially fond of Zoall Luv — her face sculpt is serene, her body is graceful and shapely but not over-developed, and her hands are beautifully sculpted.  Gu mi-jeong has a new doll called Jeanne on the MyDolling site.  Jeanne appears to be similar in stature to Luv with a realistic face sculpt.  (Link to Zaoll on Dollmore and Jeanne on MyDolling.)

I used this doll as my model in a faceup removal tutorial on May 22, 2013.

Here is a picture of her blank and painted, and detail photos of her eye and lips:




Some Inspiration:  When I was almost finished painting Zoall Luv, I realized that she needed something to make her different.  The face paint was pretty but too generic — she just wasn’t speaking to me…  I had recently read about the Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli who was self conscious about her looks — especially about the moles on her face.  Her astronomer uncle likened her moles to the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) constellation.  She embraced that likeness and incorporated the motif into her designs — most prominently as a cherished diamond brooch.  I think she looks especially lovely and natural in this photo on the left.  On the right, she’s with Salvador Dali and she’s wearing her constellation diamond brooch.


Elsa Schiaparelli, and Elsa wearing her cherished constellation brooch with Salvador Dali

I have similar dislike of the moles on my face, so I decided to follow Elsa’s example.  I’ve given this doll a collection of moles matching the ones on my own face.  She isn’t as perfect, but now she is unique.


And lastly, since she has an old fashioned feel, I experimented a little with some antique photo effects:



Aren’t these fun!  Click to Visit the Photo Editing Site I Used to “Antique” the Photo

There are several more photos of Zoall Luv and many other projects in my Flickr Archive.  Click here to see more.

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2 thoughts on “New Face: Dollmore Zoall Luv

  1. You continue to amaze me, BFF!!!

  2. Love the background story on this one. This is so up my alley. So inspiring about Elsa Schiaparelli and her “constellation” moles. We have a little saying in this house which one of my kids observed, “Every freckle (or mole) has a friend.” Notice that they always seem to come in pairs? They are “freckle friends.” LOL I notice your doll has freckle friends. She IS perfect, and so are YOU!

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