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New Face: Alice from AIL


Just finished a faceup commission for my friend, Marianne.  This is the “Alice” sculpt from the Korean artist “Alice in Labyrinth.” Her sculpts have distinctive sweetness and sensuality.  AIL makes a full doll in the MSD size, and sells some SD sized head sculpts as well.  This SD Alice head is on a Dollstown 13 girl body.  The head is white resin and the body is Fresh-Skin so the head needed a little extra color to match nicely.  The head sits a smidge high on the neck but the aesthetic of this body with the head is really ideal.

Before & After

Marianne only had 3 requirements for Alice’s new look:

1.  Marianne asked for her to have red lips:

Alice’s Lips

2.  Marianne wanted her to look good with the AIL Chloe that I did for her last year. Chloe will be dressed as “Snow White” and Alice will become “Rose Red.” Here are the sisters together:


Sisters: AIL “Chloe” and AIL “Alice” together.

3.  And lastly, Marianne wanted her painted to look mature — this sculpt usually looks quite childlike.  Here is Alice, aka “Rose Red” all grown up.

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    I’ve just begun to find out about the wonderful world of Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD), but a blog like mine can’t ignore the examination of what makes pretty pretty, how you can reproduce it, how a slight addition or subtraction can alter our perception of what is beautiful, and also how different peoples (in this world often Japanese or Korean) interpret girl’s beauty

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