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Like a Diamond in the Sky…


Orion — Bracket Detail

I’ve been working on constellation sun-catchers lately — trying to bring a little of the night sky indoors.  This constellation is Orion. Orion is described by various cultures as a giant, hunter, or warrior.  The winter constellation is easily recognized by the three stars that form his belt.  Just below the belt is the stunning Orion Nebula.  With the supergiant Betelgeuse and luminous Rigel, this is the best-known winter constellation.

In Greek and Chinese lore, Orion and Scorpius are rivals who have been positioned in the sky so that they never encounter one another.  In China, they are the brothers Shen and Shang, thus “shen shang” means “to part for good.”  For the Greeks, Scorpius was sent to slay Orion who boasted that he could kill all the animals on Earth.  So, Orion flees the sky before Scorpius arrives in the summer.

My constellations are made with crystals from old chandeliers and I hang them from a curvy bracket.  They’re delicate so they brighten a window but they don’t obstruct your view.  This one will be for sale in my Etsy shop soon.

Orion — Full View

Orion in the night sky. Image from P.K. Chen’s book, “A Constellation Album”

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One thought on “Like a Diamond in the Sky…

  1. Marianne on said:

    This is lovely, Robbin.Very romantic!

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