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Souldoll Yewon: A face without freckles is like a night without stars.


I painted and dressed Souldoll Yewon for a charity auction last fall.  She is an MSD (mini-super dolfie) sized girl from Souldoll’s “Soul Kid” line (about 45cm tall).  She is now discontinued but you can see Souldoll’s images of her here:  Yewon on SoulDoll’s Site

I loved her serene face and slight smile but I didn’t love her body sculpt.  Lucky for me, I found a doll on the secondary market that had been modified by the talented Ravendolls.  She reduced the bust that made the doll seem too voluptuous for the innocent face.  Viola!  She was perfect.  Find a nice bargain but there’s something about the doll that bugs you?  Maybe some sandpaper and elbow grease are the answer.


Tip with web

Yewon’s entire body is freckled. I love the effect, but what a chore! The secret of good freckles is blushing and sealing first, then making your freckles with a few different colors of paint.



This photo series shows the progression. 


  1. Blush lightly then spray with sealant
  2. Freckle using a toothbrush — dip the brush in paint then flick the paint by rubbing your thumb across the bristles.  Wipe away the messy ones with a cotton swab.  Do this with more than one color.
  3. Use the swabs to dab some more freckles in where necessary
  4. Blush a little more and spray with a final coat of sealant.



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One thought on “Souldoll Yewon: A face without freckles is like a night without stars.

  1. Monica on said:

    Awesome work of art!

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