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New Faces: DIM Lalia Twins



My friend, Monica, and I both fell in love with Doll-In-Mind Lalia’s funny little face.  She has so much charm!  I thought it would be fun to have twins or “identical cousins” for photo shoots.  This is the first time I’ve painted dolls to look alike.  It was a bit of a challenge but fun.

Lalia has a lovely face and beautifully sculpted hands.  Her body required some modifications and you can see the neck and feet modifications in earlier blog posts.  Doll-In-Mind has discontinued this style body — maybe they are modifying the neck and feet as well?  You can still buy this head from them:  Link to Lalia at DIM

Here are a few pictures of the girls:

This photo shows the blank face and both girls painted.  My doll is on the left, Monica’s doll is on the right.  I have a lot of before-and-after face pictures on Flickr — click the photo below to see them.


This is my favorite picture of the girls (My doll is wearing the black ribbon, Monica’s doll is wearing the green).  Click photo to see many more photos in my Flickr archive.


I have outfits like the ones the girls are wearing in my Etsy shop currently.  Link to Robbin’s Etsy Shop



Click the photos below to see more eye and lip close up photos on Flickr.



Lalia Twin #1 (My Doll)

Lalia Twin #2 (Monica’s Doll)



Notes:  I made the dresses and auburn wigs.  The blonde pigtail wigs are made by Volks and Leekeworld.  Swan20 made the stockings.  The shoes have been altered to add the bows. 

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2 thoughts on “New Faces: DIM Lalia Twins

  1. These girls are the BEST thing ever! I can’t stop looking at my girl, named Phoebe. I especially love her in the blonde braided wig. She reminds me of Rhoda, played by Patty McCormack, in the 1956 movie, The Bad Seed.

    Robbin is the MOST TALENTED person!

  2. cloudandklaus on said:

    Lalia is just the sweetest girl ever. Thanks for sharing her beautiful photos Robbin, she is definitely a keeper.

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