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New Face: JID “Asa” made by Iplehouse


I actually finished painting Asa at the end of May but I haven’t had an opportunity to take nice photographs of her until now.  She is my doll, and I started her over a year ago and then put her aside because I kept getting the dreaded “White Flush” in her Mister Super Clear sealant.  “White flush” is what I call those mysterious white patches that are prone to appear on colored resins.  I’ve seen it on factory faces and faces painted by experienced faceup artists.  The MSC is not bonded in those areas.  Some people think it is caused by residue, spraying too thickly, or too much humidity.  Sometimes there is absolutely no explanation.  I usually try to buff away the sealant in that area then re-spray but if the area is painted or shaded, that doesn’t work.  In that case, I re-spray a bit heavily and that will often take care of the White Flush — the under layers soften and re-bond.  Unfortunately, the sealants have a hint of white coloring to them so heavy spraying and many layers will noticeably lighten a pigmented resin–then the head will not match the body!  That’s why I often just start over…

I started over on her twice and then put her in a box — sounds like she was being punished!

I got her out and started again in May.  This time I tried Zoukeimura spray from Volks.  I had heard that it is less likely to make a White Flush and I found this to be true for Asa.  It behaves a bit differently than the Mister Super Clear so I have to use it more to get accustomed to it. The surface is toothier so I gently buffed it with a Magic Eraser sponge after each layer — I had difficulty painting on the rougher surface.  Initially the Zoukeimura spray didn’t seem like it was as durable as the MSC.  I allowed it to dry longer between sprays and that made a difference.  I’m so accustomed to the MSC but I’ll be using the Zoukeimura more — it worked great for Asa and no White Flush!

Here is a Before-and-After picture showing her blank and painted:

Iplehouse JID “Asa,” Before-And-After

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her and there are many more on my Flickr site. {Click here to see more photos on Flickr}

Iplehouse JID “Asa” wearing a hat made by Monica Cooper and sweater by Tara Handknits, a fair trade cooperative in Nepal.

Iplehouse JID “Asa” wearing a hat made by Monica Cooper and sweater by Tara Handknits, a fair trade cooperative in Nepal.

Iplehouse JID “Asa” wearing a wig I made and a dress from Iplehouse.

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5 thoughts on “New Face: JID “Asa” made by Iplehouse

  1. Marianne McG on said:

    She has such character, serenity and beauty……perfection, Robbin!

  2. Beautiful photos of a lovely doll. Love how you styled her! Great clothing and wigs! Blessed to see that you’re using a sweater that was from a fair trade cooperative. That is such a joy to me. Human trafficking is such a burden on my heart.

  3. Petra Stinchecum on said:

    This face up is beautiful! I have a Asa in real skin, which I bought second hand, and therefore I don’t know who did her face up. I really like her, and thought she looked nice. But then I saw the face up you did on her, and I never knew she could look this GOOD!

  4. I really like this girl, I am going to look for one of my own!

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